How To Choose A Tv Set For Your Home

Before you choose a TV set, try asking yourself some questions: how many ports do I need? Do I need 4K UHD? If you’re not sure or don’t even know what that means. Don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know.

  1. What Size TV Should You Get?

Generally speaking, TV size ranges from 50 inches to 80 inches. Bigger screens are always better, right? When it comes to TVs, sure, but that doesn’t mean you should always spring for the largest size. Pricing on larger models can get out of hand, and you should always make sure you have room for all that screen. First of all, although all sizes are good, a TV under 55 Inches is not recommended. Most TVs below 55 inches are largely nonstandard these days, you likely won’t be getting the latest and greatest performance if you don’t go with a TV that’s 55 inches or larger. Then, 55-Inch is the standard size for modern TVs. 65-Inch is a good size option for larger living rooms. For 75 Inches and above, beware that pricing on TVs this large can get exorbitant, cheap ones might not look so great due to low resolutions.

  1. What Screen Resolution Do You Need?

Resolution means the number of pixels on your screen. Modern TVs come in 1080p, 4K, and 8K variants. 1080p is rare nowadays, you may not want to choose it unless you’re getting a small TV. For 4K and 8K TVs, unless you’re watching at a close distance, it’s not easy to tell the difference. So, stick to a 4K screen—it’s your best bet unless you want a huge, expensive screen or something tiny and cheap.

  1. Do You Want a High Dynamic Range?

HDR is now standard on all TVs worth buying, allowing you to see a wider range of highlights, contrast, and even more lifelike colors on supported movies and TV shows. These days, don’t buy a TV that doesn’t have HDR. It’s also worth considering a TV with quantum dots as well. These deliver brighter and better colors. Displays that feature quantum dot technology typically have even better performance than a standard LED TV.

  1. Get a Soundbar if You Pursue High-Quality Sound Effects

TV speakers are usually not good. Companies have tried to make them better, but they still sound bad. So, if you want a good sound effect, buy a soundbar. Many modern soundbars come with built-in smart assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa, and will generally give your home theater’s audio a big upgrade.