7 PinkCherry Lubes and Lotions You Will Absolutely Love

Lubes and lotions are a must for the most intimate skin-to-skin situations. They can be the perfect addition to a couple’s sexual life, and they are usually compatible with all sex toy materials. PinkCherry offers a wide range of lubes and lubricants, made of high-quality and safe ingredients. Here is a list of their 7 best products in this category.

1. PinkCherry Water Based Lubricant in 8oz/240ml

Compatible with all sex toy materials, including latex and polyurethane, this water-based lubricant can be the perfect addition to your most intimate moments with your partner. It can be easily spread over desired surfaces, washes quickly from the skin, and is non-staining. It is both unflavored and unscented, making it a discreet choice for couples.

2.PinkCherry Water Based Anal Lubricant in 16oz/473ml

This water-based anal lubricant is perfect for eliminating unwanted friction during vaginal sex, masturbation, or foreplay. Its soft texture helps create a natural-feeling sensation. The lubricant is compatible with all toy materials and can be easily washed away with a little warm water.

3.PinkCherry Premium Silicone Lubricant in 2.5oz/75ml

A hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and unscented lubricant, safe to use with all toy materials, Premium Silicone Lubricant is suitable for both anal and vaginal penetration and is specifically designed to provide a friction-free glide. It is water-resistant and thus, it will never dry up or wear away during your sexual encounter.

4. Loadz Cum Load Unscented Water Based Lube in 8oz/236ml

A slippery white lube that can be used with a variety of sex toys, Loadz Cum Load Lube provides long-lasting results, rinses off skin easily and is non-staining. For maximum pleasure, heat the bottle up before playtime and gently apply it on the skin.

5. Mood Lube 4oz/113g in Tingling

Made of the ultimate combination of pleasure-enhancing ingredients, Mood Lube features a non-staining water-based formula that perfectly matches the body’s natural moisture. It is made in the USA, is paraben-free, and is 100% condom-safe. As the name implies, this lube tingles gently on contact for maximum pleasure.

6. Ease Anal Silicone Relaxing Glide in 2oz/60ml

An organic and vegan-friendly lubricant, this product is perfect for easy anal gliding and promises to make your next sexual encounter comfortable and pleasurable. Thanks to its natural chamomile extract, enriched with aloe, sunflower oil, and goji, this formula provides a relaxing effect around the anal opening.

7. Fragrance-Free Water Based Lube in 8.5oz/250ml

This water-based lube easily spreads over desired body areas and provides some long-lasting lubricating results. It is compatible with all sex toy materials and condoms, as well. It is non-staining and can be easily rinsed off the body with water. It is free of parabens, fragrance, and flavors, making it an ideal solution for all types of skin, including sensitive.