8 Custom Coasters to Promote Your Brand in Style

Custom coasters are a great way to promote your company, business, or brand while adding a touch of style to any setting. Whether you’re hosting a local community event or a client recognition party, these useful promotional products will protect surfaces from stains and water rings. In addition, they’ll help you reach your target audience and promote your name or message wherever they’re seen. Here are eight custom coasters from this top brand:

1. Four-Piece Square Pu Coaster Set

This premium coaster set features a sleek and modern design, with a square shape and a PU leather finish. The set includes four coasters and a holder, which makes it a perfect executive gift or a classy addition to any office or home setting. In addition, the coaster comes with personalization to help you showcase your logo or message.

2. Round Corks Coasters

Manufacturers make these eco-friendly coasters from natural cork and feature a round shape. Their lightweight, durable, and absorbent, make them a practical choice for any occasion. Besides these properties, you can also find the perfect personalization to showcase your message or logo.

3. 2 Piece Wood And Marble Coaster Sets

This set combines the richness of acacia wood with the decadent look of synthetic marble. Whether you’re looking to impress clients or add a touch of sophistication to your office, these remarkable coasters are sure to strengthen your brand equity. The personalization feature makes them a perfect choice for corporate gifts or event giveaways.

4. Bamboo Round Beverage Coaster

The Bamboo Round Beverage Coaster can help you add a touch of nature to your brand promotion. Manufacturers craft this coaster from natural bamboo, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable coaster. Additionally, it’s a stylish one that showcases the beauty of nature’s patterns.

5. Absorbent Stone Coaster Set

These car coasters have features and design that helps keep cup holders clean and dry while showcasing your logo or message. Manufacturers make them from absorbent stone and feature a convenient size that fits most car cup holders.

6. Stone Car Coasters

This personalized car accessory comes from natural stone and features a convenient finger notch for easy removal. Crafted from durable and absorbent material, this stylish and practical coaster helps to keep your cup holders clean and dry. You can get a personalization option that makes it a unique and memorable promotional item for your business or event.

7. Relic Diatomite Coasters - Set Of 4

The Relic Diatomite Coasters Set of 4 from Positive Promotions is a unique and eco-friendly promotional item that’s sure to impress. Expertly crafted from the finest diatomaceous earth, these coasters offer unrivaled fast-drying capabilities. The set comes neatly organized in a metal stand, making it a stylish and practical addition to any setting.

8. Single Ceramic Car Coaster

The Single Ceramic Car Coaster is a practical and stylish promotional item. Manufacturers design this coaster to absorb moisture and condensation that keep your car cup holders dry. It fits most cars, vans, trucks, and SUV cup holders & features beveled edges for easy removal. The coaster can be personalized with your logo or message. Thus, it makes it a unique and memorable item for your business or event.


Whatever your promotional needs, custom coasters are a versatile and effective way to showcase your brand. You can also use them to give a fun and useful item to your target audience. Choose from the above options to create the perfect custom coasters for your next event or marketing campaign.