7 Wellness Courses to Level Up Your Coaching Skills

Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is essential, yet making wellness a priority can be challenging. Having an expert guide you through implementing positive changes can make all the difference in reaching your goals. NASM wellness courses empower coaches with the tools and knowledge to assist clients on their journey toward optimal well-being. From certified wellness coaching to behavior change specializations, NASM offers extensive training to take your coaching abilities to the next level. Continue reading to learn about 7 impactful NASM wellness courses that will equip you to better serve your clients and enable meaningful transformation. Investing in your education demonstrates your dedication to helping others thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

1. Certified Wellness Coach

Become a certified wellness coach through NASM’s CWC program. This course provides strategies for supporting clients in making positive changes related to exercise, nutrition, stress management, and more. Build skills in motivational interviewing, active listening, and influencing behavior.

2. Behavior Change Specialization

Understanding what drives and prevents behavior change is key to coaching clients effectively. NASM’s behavior change specialization explores the psychology behind habits and gives strategies to promote intrinsic motivation.

3. Behavior Transformation Bundle

Take behavior change knowledge to the next level with NASM’s behavior transformation bundle. Combining the certified wellness coach, behavior change specialist, and corrective exercise specialist programs, this bundle offers comprehensive training.

4. Health and Wellness Coach Bundle

Become a well-rounded wellness authority with the health and wellness coach bundle. Featuring the certified wellness coach, personal trainer, and performance enhancement specialist courses, these certifications equip you with expertise.

5. Ultimate Health & Wellness Bundle

Take your health and wellness knowledge even further with NASM’s ultimate bundle. It combines five certifications: wellness coach, personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, performance enhancement specialist, and senior fitness specialist.

6. Mental Toughness

Developing mental toughness is key for exercise adherence and resilience. This course teaches coaches how to train clients to build grit, focus, confidence, and more to support fitness and wellness.

7. Training the Brain

The mind-body connection is powerful. NASM’s Training the Brain course gives wellness coaches cutting-edge neuroscience knowledge to improve clients’ performance.

NASM wellness courses provide extensive training to take your coaching to the next level. Whether you want to guide clients in lifestyle change, support mental toughness, or understand behavior change, NASM has a program to meet your needs. Invest in your education and ability to help clients thrive.