9 Must-Have Theragun Percussive Massage Devices for Recovery and Pain

Percussive therapy has become one of the most popular ways to accelerate muscle recovery, release tension, improve mobility, and relieve pain. Theragun pioneered the percussive therapy device market and continues to be the industry leader with their innovative and powerful massage guns. Here are 9 of the top Theragun products to consider adding to your recovery routine:

1. Theragun Pro

The Theragun PRO is the brand’s flagship model and most premium massage gun. It delivers up to 60 pounds of force with QuietForce technology which makes it much quieter than earlier models. With a rotating arm and ergonomic grip, it can reach every area of the body from any angle. It comes with 5 attachments and a 2-year warranty.

2. Theragun Elite

The Theragun Elite is a powerful, customizable massage gun with QuietForce technology. It provides up to 40 pounds of force and customizable speed with 5 attachments. The Elite is Bluetooth enabled so you can follow guided routines in the app. It’s a great option for serious athletes seeking a customizable massage gun.

3. Theragun Prime

The Theragun Prime delivers excellent percussive therapy in a simplified version. With QuietGlide technology, it reaches up to 30 pounds of force. The Prime has 4 attachments and adjustable speed but isn’t Bluetooth enabled. It’s lightweight, durable, and a more budget-friendly Theragun.

4. Theragun Mini

The Theragun mini is a pocket-sized percussive massage gun that provides Theragun quality in a portable design. It reaches up to 20 pounds of force and is perfect for targeted massage on the go. The mini comes with one attachment and is covered by a 1-year warranty.

5. Theragun Pro Plus

The Theragun PRO Plus bundles the PRO device with a hyperice VYPER 3.0 vibrating roller and protective travel case. Adding vibration therapy takes recovery and muscle therapy to the next level. This is Theragun’s most complete recovery system.

6. Theragun Pro Plus Cold Attachment

The PRO Plus Cold Attachment adds cold therapy to the PRO Plus. The attachment can be kept in the freezer and added to a Theragun device to combine percussive therapy with icy-cold temperatures for inflammation and pain relief.

7. Theragun Sense

The Theragun Sense is a smart percussive therapy device tailored to your body’s needs. It uses SmartSense technology to automatically adjust speed and force based on your massage. It connects with the app for guided routines. The Sense makes it easy to optimize your recovery.

8. Theragun 24K Gold Pro

The 24K Gold PRO combines the power of the PRO with lavish design touches like a 24K gold plated ring and limited edition matte gold finish. With science-backed efficacy and elite aesthetics, it’s the ultimate massage gun for design aficionados.

9. Theragun Prime - Refurbished

The Refurbished Theragun Prime allows you to experience the power of percussive therapy for less. These pre-owned devices work like new ones. They’re inspected, tested, cleaned, and backed by a 90-day warranty. It’s a budget way to try a Theragun.

From portable massagers to ultra-powerful professional-grade devices, Theragun offers market-leading percussive therapy products. Try one of these 9 options to enhance your muscle recovery, improve mobility, and relieve pain.