Three Key Points of Garden Flower Bed

How to plan a garden flower bed? I will introduce three key points of a garden flower bed!

  1. Plant selection

The flower beds mainly show the beauty of color. Choose a biennial herb or bulbous flower bed. Such as golden chrysanthemum, a string of red, tulips, snapdragons, cockscomb, and so on. Generally do not use time watching or woody plants. Patterned flower beds mainly show the beauty of patterns. Plant selection mainly uses low-growing plants, with fine branches and leaves, strong germination, and resistance to pruning, such as melon seed, yellow poplar, gold leaf privet, etc., can also choose a long flower period, the same flower period, small and dense flowers, flowers and leaves beautiful ornamental plants. Such as four seasons begonia, stone lotus, and so on.

  1. Plane layout

The outline of the flower bed plane should be in harmony with the plane composition of the surrounding environment such as the square and lawn on the whole, but the local treatment should be changed. The main scene of the flower bed has a rich landscape effect. It can be an ornately patterned flower bed or a flowerbed. But not for lawn flower ping. As a setting for the flower bed, such as a sculpture base or fountain around the flower bed, its pattern should be simple.

The color should be plain. To set off the main scene as the principal, do not usurp the host. The area of the flower bed and the environment should be kept in proper proportion. To 1/3~1/5 is appropriate. Generally used as an ornamental lawn flower bed area proportion can be slightly larger. Gorgeous flower beds than simple flower beds area proportion can be slightly smaller, in the pedestrian concentration or traffic volume of a large square, flower bed area proportion can be smaller.

  1. Individual design

Flower bed internal pattern, flower bed should be simple, pattern flower bed can be rich, pattern line width can not be too thin, at least more than 10 meters. The individual flower bed area is not too large, large appreciation is unclear, and easy to produce deformation. Generally, patterned flower bed diameter or short axis of to 8, 10 meters is appropriate. Flower bed diameter or short axis up to 15-20m. Requirements for planting beds. In most cases, the flowers or shrubs should be at least 40-50cm. To make the flower bed have a clear outline and prevent soil erosion, the edge of the planting bed is often surrounded by curb stones. The enclosure material can be brick, pebble, concrete, tree stump, etc. The height and width of the curb stone can be controlled by 10, or 30cm. The shape should be simple and the color should be elegant.


Garden flower beds can decorate the city and play an important role in bringing a good mood to people. It is necessary to master the above three points.