Easy to Care for Plants: Four Watering Tips

Houseplants are becoming more and more popular now, they can not only beautify the environment but also add vitality to the home, can purify the air, improve your health, and can also relieve stress, what kind of environment is houseplants like?

There are four watering tips.

  1. Keep the soil moist but not wet

Too dry soil or frequent watering can damage root systems. (Plants that are particularly drought and flood tolerant) plants with delicate leaves, such as green plants and grass, need more water, while plants with leathery, waxy leaves, such as tiger orchids and rubber trees, do not need more water.
Wet soil means that the soil can be pinched into a ball, and wet soil means that the pinched into a ball will loose can pinched water, you have to understand that plants like to like moist basin soil, or like to keep a slightly dry state.

2, how to determine if the soil is dry enough?

Stick your finger into the soil so you can directly feel whether the soil is dry or not, or use a small skewer to insert it. Overwatering is prone to root rot and leaves and roots rot away easily. If the plant is dehydrated, drooping leaves, pointed stem leaves, and yellowing and curling lower leaves can occur.

  1. Use room-temperature water

The best temperature for watering is room temperature, not too cold or too hot, water quality is of course better for plant growth, tap water three days after use, rain is the best choice. Too hot water burns the roots and sends the plants into shock, easily causing them to die; If the water is too cold, it will affect the dormancy of plants and cause frostbite.

  1. Choose a container with good drainage

Choosing a well-drained container is especially important for plant growth. Occasionally, if water is too much, it can also run away from the basin (the basin floor should of course have holes), so make sure that the drainage holes at the bottom are not blocked. The bottom of the pot is best padded with gravel, pebbles, broken tiles, or a ceramic filter layer.


In a word, these four watering tips can help you easy to care for your plants. That’s useful.