Four Beautiful Water Plants

According to the substrate required for growth, plants can be generally divided into the soil-grown, hydroponic two categories. Among them, the advantages of aquatic plants are clean and tidy, easy to maintain, and easy to manage. It is better to try the following 4 kinds, known as water and land twins can be directly planted into the water plants.

The bowl lotus.

The plant is an aquatic plant in the Nymphyaceae family. Because it looks like a lotus in appearance, it can be directly regarded as a small and medium-sized version of lotus and lotus, also known as potted lotus and table lotus. It is suitable for the potted culture and is usually concentrated in full bloom from June to September every year.


As far indicates Xiaohua knows, ivy, the famous climbing plant, can also be cultivated by water. And the general cultivation process can be summarized as follows: first, a few shoots with aerial roots can be obtained from the selected mother plant; Next, they are inserted into transparent hydroponic containers, taking care that the roots are partially exposed to air; Then, often change the water, reasonable sunlight.


This plant mostly refers to the pink canna, which is essentially a bulbous plant with a long stem. The plant height is about 1.5~2 meters. The name includes a variety of ornamental plants with different forms, and the common color is pink and orange-red. As a famous flower used for landscaping and urban wetland waterscape layout, the canna flower is its name. It can not only withstand waterlogging but also grow normally in water with a depth of nearly 20 meters. It can also be cultured in soil and potted.


Also known as Narcissus, plants are both hyacinth family, hyacinth genus perennial plants, also for bulbous plants, and not yet flowering, appearance level flat, like a magnified version of garlic. In terms of growth habits, plants naturally prefer a slightly cooler and wetter climate but also require adequate sunlight, water, and land twin. In contrast, those who plan to hydroponic the flower should pay more attention to these points.


The above four aquatic plants have high ornamental value and are easy to survive! Come on!